A Coronavirus Update

Hey Everyone, I’ve had a few inquiries about how we’re running things during the shutdown period so just wanted to give you all a quick update. Many of you will know that I live onsite so I have the capacity to continue working…I’m not bursting my isolation bubble. Our staff […]

The Whio is here!

The Whio is an endemic New Zealand duck that lives exclusively in whitewater rivers. Ruahine owner, Tim Taylor, often comes across these fascinating birds while paddling remote rivers so he named our latest multisport kayak in their honour. Just like their namesake, the Whio was designed to be light, agile, […]

The Southern Skua is back!

The Southern Skua is a sea kayak that’s been a firm favourite amongst kiwi kayaks for many years. With it’s strong rails, long water-line, and flaired bow, it’s an impressive kayaks that’s totally at home in the ocean swells. A few years ago the mould was given to Ruahine by […]

The Ocean X is gaining a following

The Ocean X is proving to be a competition winner! Ruahine owner Tim Taylor put his one to the test during the Whangamata Classic and it didn’t disappoint leading from start to finish. With an extra long, 400mm rudder blade, it handled beautifully in the ocean swells, and at 6.7m […]

Swallows are what everyone wants!

Over the last few months we’ve made more Swallows that what we did in all of 2018. The reason…they’re a great kayak! The Swallow is an awesome Multisport kayak that’s suited to most first time racers. It’s light, easy to manoeuvre, and reasonably stable. This makes them perfect for races […]