Whanganui River in a new canoe

The Whanganui River is well known as a fun trip for Canadian canoes. In summer time it’s classed as a great walk and in pre covid times hundreds of people paddle it every week. This trip was slightly different however, as outside of the great walk season hunting is allowed […]

An update on our lead time.

Hey Everyone, just a quick update on our production schedule as we’ve been getting lots of people asking how long the wait time is. So the short story is that we’re getting slammed! Our normal turnaround is 3-4 weeks but this year we have so many orders we’re looking at […]

Rangitiki River Race Photos

The Ruahine Kayaks Rangitiki River Race was held on January the 17th 2021 and was a great success. We’ve been sponsoring this race for a number of years and once again it was a pleasure to be able to support the Palmerston North Canoe Club and all the athletes competing. […]

The Phantom is here!

The Phantom is the latest multisport kayak in our offering. It’s designed to be the fastest possible racing kayak so it’s quite a handful. At 6.3m long and only 13kg, it’s a thing of beauty so get in touch today if you think you can handle her!

A Coronavirus Update

Hey Everyone, I’ve had a few inquiries about how we’re running things during the shutdown period so just wanted to give you all a quick update. Many of you will know that I live onsite so I have the capacity to continue working…I’m not bursting my isolation bubble. Our staff […]

The Whio is here!

The Whio is an endemic New Zealand duck that lives exclusively in whitewater rivers. Ruahine owner, Tim Taylor, often comes across these fascinating birds while paddling remote rivers so he named our latest multisport kayak in their honour. Just like their namesake, the Whio was designed to be light, agile, […]