$50/hour plus materials
$80/hour express service


Standard turnaround is 5 working days
Express is 24 hours if possible


All composite materials available and will be matched to the product.

That sickening crunch as rocks hit composite doesn't mean the it's broken'll just have to bring it to me for a bit of love and tenderness.


Common repairs include:

  • Holes in multisport kayaks (especially after the Motu Race)
  • Smashed kayak noses
  • Snapped paddles
  • Snapped tails and holes on slalom kayaks
  • Bashed/broken surfskis
  • Plastic welds on whitewater kayaks
  • New gelcoat or clear coats on older multisport kayaks...especially JKK
  • Insurance quotes available

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Please call or txt me on 027 668 9904 to discuss your needs. You can also send me an email e.g. with photos for an estimate.