Ruahine F1

The F1 is designed for the advanced paddler. To put it simply it’s designed to be the fastest multisport kayak in the world and we think it is! The F1 has been paddled by Coast to Coast winners Richard Usher, George Christison, and more recently Sam Clark.

The hull design was perfected using systems put in place for us by Richard Karn, an ex yacht designer for Team NZ. This kayak is fast with considerable secondary stability. It's lower volume and 6.2 metre length will let it accelerate with ease, cutting wave trains and eliminating rocking.


Fiberglass  $3499 Composite  $3999

Ability Level


Paddler Size

If you can stay upright in it, you'll be fine!


Fiberglass  14kg Composite  12kg





Order this kayak...

We build all of our kayaks to order so there are a few things you need to plan for. Firstly you will need to know the colour that you would like - take a look at our gallery page for a few examples or find something you like and send us a picture. Secondly you will need to know the layup option - either fibreglass or composite. Please contact me today if you'd like to chat about the option ph) 027 668 9904.

Demo Kayak...

I have an F1 demo kayak available for test paddles in Tauranga. Please contact me to arrange a time.

Coast to Coast Package $5599

Ruahine Kayaks is the only supplier in NZ that can supply you with the complete kayak package! Our F1 package includes the kayak, wing paddle, grade 2 cert, PFD, spray deck, helmet, pants, jacket, airbags, and dry bag.

Things You Need To Know...

Ordering - I work on a 3 week turnaround. In many cases I will be able to supply before the three weeks is up however, these are a hand-made product so they do take time to produce and we often have multiple orders in the system. I will advise you of an eta at the time of ordering.

Shipping and Pickup- I am based in Mount Maunganui and kayaks can be picked up directly from my workshop. Shipping throughout NZ and the world and will be charged at cost. Please ask me for an estimate.

Colours Fiberglass - all fiberglass kayaks come with a white hull. This looks smart and doesn't show up as many scratches caused by rocks. The deck can be either a single, block colour (great if you want to display sponsors logo's) or your choice of two colours that are faded together. Please note that the colours are mixed in with the resin at the time of laying up the kayak so not everything is possible. At the time of ordering I will discuss the options with you and make recommendations if necessary.  

Composite Colours – my carbon and carbon kevlar kayaks have an clear gelcoat over the hull to show off the beauty of the fibers. The deck is your choice of colour just like the fiberglass model. I prefer to have this coloured to prevent the sun from heating it up too much but if you wish I can also do the top with a clear coat.