Ocean X

Ruahine Ocean X

The Ocean X was designed specifically as a fast, racing sea kayak. It was built along the same lines as a surf ski, so it's very fast and tracks well in a following sea. This makes it suitable for ocean racing or even multisport racing. It's also great fun for touring in the many lakes, rivers, and harbours that New Zealand is known for.

Built in carbon, carbon Kevlar or fibreglass, the Ocean X is extremely light and manoeuvrable. It comes complete with retractable Kengineering rudder, front and rear hatches, and decklines.

Exciting News...

With the increase in races that have harbour or ocean paddle legs, we recently built a multisport version of this kayak to test its suitability...it didn't disappoint! At the 2019 Whangamata Classic, paddling this kayak Tim lead the field from start to finish. He found it an absolute weapon out in the ocean swells and was extremely please at how it compared to both multisport kayaks and surf skis.

We have now decided to offer the simplified multisport configuration as well as the sea kayak configuration. Key differences...

  • 400mm multisport rudder vs. the retractable sea kayak rudder - means you don't have to raise or lower
  • Foam bulkheads vs. composite bulkheads - allows for hull flexing when scraping over river rocks
  • Simplified hatches - to lower weight
  • No deck-lines - weight and usability.


Sea Kayak Configuration
Composite  $4499
Multisport Configuration
Composite  $3999

Ability Level

This kayaks is similar to a Firebolt for ability level so it requires a degree of experience.

Paddler Size

Up to 6'6"


Fiberglass  16.5kg Composite  14kg





Tim's Notes...

Having circumnavigated New Zealand in a heavy, plastic sea kayak, I find the Ocean X to be an absolute dream. Paddlers will need to have a modest level of ability to get the most out of this kayak, but if you love your sea kayaking, you will love this yak. With the large rudder and strong 'rails' I found it extremely fun and can describe it more like a multisport kayak in terms of performance. I now use it as my kayak of choice for ocean racing and longer training sessions.

Order this kayak...

To order this kayak or to find out more please contact us today. If you prefer to use the phone, call or text Tim on 027 668 9904.

Demo this kayak...

We have a demo kayak available for test paddles in Tauranga. Please contact us to arrange a time.

Customer Review...


I have unpacked from the Coast to Coast and had time to take the Ocean X down to the water. Only a short paddle but it is everything I hoped for and I am sure that it will only get better as I get to know the boat.

I went out from near the Motueka wharf and immediately hooked onto the wake of a large yacht motoring down the channel, At the entrance there was a small swell coming in from tasman bay with the odd half meter swell over the bar. The boat picked up any hint of a swell and surfs along beatifully. It tracks very well, turns tightly, and is still easily controlled with the rudder up (I couldnt do that with the Opus)  A bit more stable than the opus). I am impressed with the rudder system.

A couple of photos attached, one shows the boat is so light I can hang it on the washing line to dry.

Cheers, Rod."

Things You Need To Know...

Ordering - we work on a 3-4 week turnaround. In many cases we will be able to supply before the three weeks is up however, these are a hand-made product so they do take time to produce and we often have multiple orders in the system. We will advise you of an eta at the time of ordering.

Shipping and Pickup- we are based in Mount Maunganui and kayaks can be picked up directly from our workshop. Shipping throughout NZ and the world and will be charged at cost. Please ask us for an estimate.

Colours Fiberglass - all fiberglass kayaks come with a white hull. This looks smart and doesn't show up as many scratches caused by rocks. The deck can be either a single, block colour (great if you want to display sponsors logo's) or your choice of two colours that are faded together. Please note that the colours are mixed in with the resin at the time of laying up the kayak so not everything is possible. At the time of ordering we will discuss the options with you and make recommendations if necessary.

Composite Colours – all of our composite kayaks have an exposed hull (clear gelcoat) to show off the beauty of the fibres. The deck is your choice of colour just like the fiberglass model. We prefer to have this coloured to prevent the sun from heating it up too much but if you wish I can also do the top with a clear coat.