My best yet!

Angus Rowland is the new owner of carbon kevlar Firebolt and while I’m a bit biased, I think it’s my best kayak yet.

Angus has been a supporter of mine for a couple of years now, having previously owned a Gladiator as well as completing his grade 2 whitewater cert with me. His latest goal is the Coast to Coast Longest Day and wanted a kayak that would match his skills – it needed to be fast, light, strong, and with enough secondary stability to keep him upright at the end of the 70km paddle. I got to work on this kayak for him and it was extremely satisfying to see the end result.

Good luck with the races mate…I’m looking forward to seeing you flying down the Waimak!

Full carbon kevlar and weighing in at 12.2kg. This Firebolt is going to fly.


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