Padz Kayak Seat Support



Here at Ruahine we are always hearing the cry “my bum hurts!” Well we’ve found you the product to solve that problem – the Padz foam seat is a great product for alleviating leg pain in long distance paddlers. If you’re training for a long distance race (eg. Coast to Coast) or simply suffer from pins and needles or aching seat bones, this is one way to alleviate those problems.

  • Peel and stick (self adhesive) contoured closed mini-cell foam pad.
  • Simply clean your current seat, remove the backing paper from this pad, and stick it down. Adhesion is instant so no need for glue to dry, just set it and get straight out for a paddle! 
  • 340mm x 240mm wide
  • 6.5 mm thick
  • Suitable for whitewater, sea and multisport kayaks.
  • Used by Ruahine owner, Tim Taylor, in his personal multisport kayak