Ruahine Deck Box Kit



A unique waterproof storage solution for essential items such a food, electronics and hydration. Deck box can easily be retrofitted to any kayak with a flat deck surface and it’s compatible with all plastic, composite, and wooden kayaks.

  • 3.5L Capacity
  • Suitable for use on multisport kayaks during the Coast to Coast race
  • Requires a 190mm diameter flat space available e.g. in front or behind the cockpit.
  • 589 grams
  • Dimensions 340mm long x 200mm wide x 125mm high
  • Comes with all parts required to fit onto your kayak
  • Jigsaw, multisaw or Dremmel is required to cut the 150mm hole
  • Position on your kayak, mark hole, cut, and install.
  • Comes with installation instructions
  • Can be installed by our team for free if you bring your kayak into us.
  • Can have a 10mm pushfit drinking tube connection installed in the lid for an extra charge.