Ruahine Deck Net Kit



An easy to install netting system that will add instant storage to your multisport or sea kayak.

  • Suitable for storing food, clothing, navigation equipment, and more.
  • Suitable for use on multisport kayaks during the Coast to Coast race
  • Can be installed where ever you have the deck space.
  • Dimensions 400mm x 250mm
  • Made of an elastic blend so it stretches to the shape of your kayak – can be stretched bigger than dimensions above.
  • Comes with 4x round deck fittings, 4x 5mm 316 stainless bolts and nyloc nuts
  • Position on your kayak, mark screw holes, drill, and bolt on.
  • Comes with installation instructions
  • Can be installed by our team for free if you bring your kayak into us.
  • Other lengths, more deck fittings, or bungee edge reinforcing available on request.