Tahi Medium Wing Paddle


The Rua wing paddle is designed with a more extreme ‘tear-drop’ shape and thicker leading edge, which facilitates a very powerful catch.

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The Ruahine Tahi medium wing paddle has become a favourite for multisport paddlers, and increasingly, surfski paddlers who want to maximize the potential of their forward stroke. Stable, smooth and powerful, the Tahi is an excellent choice for the dedicated racer or serious amateur.

  • Rauhine’s adjustable interlock that gives 10cm and 80° of adjustment.
  • Full carbon construction
  • Weight: 725g
  • Blade Width: 16.4 cm
  • Blade Length: 50 cm
  • Surface Area: 750 cm2
  • Paddle length 210-220cm
  • Comes standard with padded paddle bag.

Tim’s Recommendations

While this is a medium sized paddle, it would be considered large for a multisport kayaker. I would only recommend it to experienced/stronger multisport paddler. For surfski or K1 paddlers, this size would suit most people.

Additional information

Weight .765 kg
Dimensions 210-220 × 16.4 × 50 cm


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