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1st & last weekend of the month + any week days

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Course Details 

Starting with the basics of kayak knowledge, progressing through whitewater technique, and finishing up with river running; this course will cover all of the skills that you need to know for multisport racing. It's a great option if you are new to the sport but its a mandatory requirement if you are wanting to compete in the Coast to Coast race.


For most people this is a 3-day course:

  • Day 1 is split into two sessions - two flat water paddling sessions with emphasis on wing paddle technique and kayak control. In some cases we may be able to defer this day if you can prove that you have significant paddling experience e.g. multisport racing or whitewater.
  • Day 2 is pure whitewater. We do this in plastic whitewater kayaks that I will supply. It's a full on day on the Tawawera River (Kawerau) but you will absolutely love it! I design this day to build your skills progressively, and by the end of it you will be amazed at what you can now paddle.
  • Day 3 is multisport kayaking on the Waioeka River (Opotiki). We build on the skills learnt in days 1 and 2, with the goal of you being able to competently choose race lines and stay in your kayak through rapids.


  • This course is run by Tim Taylor through his other kayaking business, NZ Kayaker. NZ Kayaker is an approved supplier for the Coast to Coast race and is fully certified under the Adventure Regulations by QSI.
  • Kayak: this course is done in both whitewater and multisport kayaks - we supply the whitewater kayaks but you will need your own multisport kayak.
  • Package Deal: we are the only supplier in NZ that can offer a complete multisport package for kayak, cert and equipment. You will enjoy a significant discount. Please enquire for prices
  • Location: rivers throughout the Bay of Plenty. You will need your own transport.
  • Times: 3 days - one on flat water, two on whitewater (more if necessary but at extra cost).
  • Equipment: you will need your own personal kit - paddle, helmet etc.

Dates and times

Dates and times: this course is generally run on the first and last weekend of each month over a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, however I have the flexibility to run it at any time so please contact me to ask about availability. I have no minimum numbers.

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To book this course or to find out more please send me an email or pick up the phone and either call or text me on 027 668 9904. I'm often out paddling so I'll get back to you as soon as I hit dry land.