Ruaversal Composite Seat $145

The Ruaversal composite seat is an upgraded seat in either carbon fibre or carbon kevlar.

Ruaversal Standard Seat $95

The Ruaversal seat is the standard fibreglass seat that’s suitable for most Ruahine Kayaks

Bumfortable Flat Multisport Seat $199

A comfortable foam seat with a flat base.

Ozo Straight Footrest Rails $30

Each Ruahine kayak needs two footrest rails.

Ozo Footrest Setup $189

Each Ruahine kayak needs two footrests with rudder flaps to control the rudde

Foam Flotation Pillars $30

Each Ruahine kayak needs both a front and rear flotation pillar.

300mm Multisport Rudder $149

The 300mm multisport rudder is suitable for smaller multisport kayaks

340mm Multisport Rudder $149

The 340mm multisport rudder is suitable for larger multisport kayak.

M5 bolts w. nylock nuts $2ea.

Bolts used to secure seats and footrest rails in Ruahine Kayaks

Bumfortable Hip Wedge Kit $39

Foam wedges to help with Bumfortable fit

Pillar locking blocks $5 ea.

Foam blocks used to lock flotation pillars in place