The Southern Skua is back!

The Southern Skua is a sea kayak that's been a firm favourite amongst kiwi kayaks for many years. With it's strong rails, long water-line, and flaired bow, it's an impressive kayaks that's totally at home in the ocean swells. A few years ago the mould was given to Ruahine by it's former owners, Q-Kayaks, and after recent inquiries we've brought her back to life!

The team at Ruahine recently had achance to do a comparrison test with both the Southern Skua and the Sea Hawk. While the similarities were many, there was a couple of noticable differences. The main points we noted...

  1. The Sea Hawk rides quite high in the water in comparison to the Skua. This mean the Sea Hawk rides up and over waves while the Skua cuts through them.
  2. The Skua has quite strong rails. This means you can rail turn the kayak instead of relying solely on your rudder. Experienced users will appreciate this feature.

Southern Skua Details...

Price $4499 in fibreglass or $4990 in carbon Kevlar

Length: 5.40m

Width: 600mm

Weight: 25kg in fibreglass or 22kg in composite

Volume: 365L (front 80L, rear 80L, centre compartment 45L, cockpit 160L).

Colours: white hull with your choice of one or two colours on the deck

Paddler Size: will suit most people